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In a large majority of rural public schools, it is impossible for students to fall in love with reading.  Not for lack of desire, or a bad attitude, simply because they don´t have access to books.


We want to remedy this situation by donating fully equipped libraries each stocked with more than 800 books.

Students from five rural schools:

Escuela Jaime Gutiérrez Braun, Tierras Morenas, Tilarán

Escuela los Angeles, Los Angeles, Tilarán

Escuela San Isidro de Yolillal, San Isidro, Upala

Escuela Tujankir Uno, Katira, Upala


Escuela Jesús de Popoyoapa, San José of Upala


already have the opportunity to enjoy and learn from a book in a corner that invites them to love reading.

There should be more!

It should be every child!

Let’s make this a reality.

Every donation of funds or books, whether new or read, brings us closer to that goal.

Get involved!

Make your donation! 

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